Advanced Clinical Facials

Advanced Clinical Brightening Facial

The Advanced Clinical Brightening facial is a customisable brightening treatment designed to help deep cleanse, hydrate and brighten the skin. This bespoke clinical facial is designed for skin that needs a little brightening and is perfect before a special occasion or as a skin maintenance treatment.

This facial aims to increase cell renewal whilst improving your skin’s tone, clarity and overall health. The elimination of impurities and excess oils, as well as gentle exfoliation, leaves the skin fresh and glowing. The use of high strength antioxidants helps to reinforce the skin’s natural defences against the environment to help prevent free radical damage, which leads to premature skin ageing.

Not only does this treatment improve the appearance of a dull complexion by brightening and hydrating, but it also aids in the stimulation of collagen production to help tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The skin is left looking more youthful with a radiant glow.

Brightening Facial Benefits:

  • Increased skin radiance and luminosity
  • Deep cleansing and detoxification
  • Intensive hydration
  • Softens and smooths the skin’s texture
  • Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Advanced Clinical Clarifying Facial

Are you suffering from congestion or acne and looking for a treatment programme that is designed just for you and can combat all of the factors that lead to your breakouts? Our Advanced Clinical Clarifying Facial could be the perfect solution for you.

At Innova Aesthetics, our Advanced Clinical Clarifying Facial is an intensive treatment specifically formulated to improve skin clarity and reduce excess oil and congestion whilst soothing redness and inflammation. This clinical facial targets the four key contributing factors that lead to the development of congestion and acne.

What does the treatment do?

  • Reduces oil production – prevents oily skin and helps prevent blackheads & whiteheads developing
  • Controls and reduces acne bacteria – helps prevent inflammation that leads to breakout
  • Calms and soothes inflammation – reduces acne scarring risk and unsightly inflamed spots
  • Reduces skin thickening– normalises skin cell production, preventing the backlog of dead skin cells that lead to the development of blackheads & whiteheads

Clarifying Facial Benefits

  • Reduces excess sebum that leads to a greasy, oily skin
  • Reduces blackheads and whiteheads, dead skin and other impurities
  • Helps prevent new breakouts
  • Helps improve skin’s texture

Advanced Clinical Balancing Facial

For those of us that suffer from sensitive skin and rosacea, finding the correct treatment can be very much a trial and error process.

At Innova Aesthetics we understand that every client’s skin is individual and especially when treating sensitive skin and rosacea we tailor our treatments to our client’s individual needs and requirements. Our Advanced Clinical Balancing Facial is a bespoke treatment specifically formulated for hypersensitive and rosacea-prone skin.

Incorporating the latest, advanced techniques and cosmeceuticals, this treatment helps to strengthen the skin, reduce inflammation and rosacea breakouts, and desensitise your skin to the triggers of rosacea. It also improves the texture and tone of the complexion and helps prevent rosacea from progressing to more advanced stages. This intensive facial treatment simultaneously helps prevent and correct the signs of ageing by helping to combat free radical damage and encouraging skin renewal. This custom-created facial works effectively for both men and women.

Balancing Facial Benefits

  • Helps reduce redness, flushing, break out and inflamed skin
  • Helps desensitise the skin; raises tolerance levels so the skin becomes more resistant to rosacea ‘triggers’
  • Protects and supports blood capillaries to reduce broken capillaries and encourage replacement and repair
  • Helps repair the protective barrier on the skin’s surface
  • Helps improve hydration levels
  • Stimulates skin renewal for an improved texture
  • Combats oxidative stress and UV damage to help prevent and correct skin ageing

Advanced Clinical Hydrating Facial

Hydrated skin not only looks good but it feels great too. The Advanced Clinical Hydrating Facial is a customisable luxurious hydrating facial designed to nourish and hydrate dry, dehydrated and moisture-depleted skin restoring moisture balance on a more intense level. Giving your skin the moisture-kick it needs even the driest complexions are revitalised and skin is visibly transformed. This super hydrating treatment will visibly plump your skin and smooth out fine lines leaving you with a radiantly dewy complexion. Advanced cosmeceutical ingredients not only hydrate they also prevent moisture loss in helping to regulate hyaluronic acids levels in your skin to promote extra hydration in the deeper layer. Our Advanced Clinical Hydrating Facial is fantastic for people of all ages who wish to restore their skin’s natural moisture. We can also customise products according to your skin type. Results are immediate leaving your skin feeling super hydrated and glowing.

Hydrating Facial Benefits

  • Hydrates dry, dehydrated and moisture-depleted skin
  • Restores moisture balance on a more intense level
  • Plumps & smooths the skin’s texture
  • Increases radiance and luminosity

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