Brown Spots

Here at Innova Aesthetics, we’ve helped many patients address hyperpigmentation that manifests in the form of red or brown spots. These spots can vary significantly in their size and shape, and are often found on parts of the body that are regularly exposed to sunlight. Although brown spots can be very frustrating for our patient, our providers offer many treatment options to fade and eliminate these discolorations. The key to finding the best treatment solution is to custom-tailor the process to the patient’s needs. This means finding a treatment that will fade brown spots, address other skin texture concerns in the process, and will fit well within the patient’s schedule.

How Brown Spots Form

Brown spots, also called liver spots, are a form of skin damage that is attributable to clusters of melanin pigment. Melanin is the pigment largely responsible for our skin tone, and is the body’s natural defense mechanism against harmful UV rays.

When our skin is exposed to sunlight, the body produces more melanin to neutralize UV radiation present in the sun’s rays. This is the reason why our skin becomes darker (we get a tan) when we spend time in the sun.

Individuals who spend a lot of time in the sun or don’t wear sufficient sun protection may eventually develop red or brown spots on the skin. This can happen due to heavy clustering of melanin pigment in one area, leading to spots of various shapes and sizes.

In other cases, the patient may develop brown spots due to hormonal changes in the body. For example, patients going through pregnancy may develop a condition called melasma, which manifests in brown patches on the skin.

Unfortunately, over the counter treatment options are often too weak to remove the damaged skin cells, which can make these spots seem permanent. The good news is that many brown spots can be eliminated with a number of professional treatments at Innova Aesthetics

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Brown Spot Treatment

Laser Treatments

Chemical Peels

Fractional Laser Treatments


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