Cryolipolysis is a revolutionary fat freezing technique used in weight reduction therapy and body contouring.  This non-surgical, non-invasive procedure is ideal to target areas with stubborn fat that does not seem to budge despite good efforts with diet and exercise. Normal weight loss will reduce the size of the fat cells but will not reduce the number of fat cells in your body. This is where cryolipolysis comes in, it can redefine your silhouette by reducing the number of fat cells in your body.

Cryolipolysis works by cooling down fat cells to the point that these cells crystallize. By crystallizing fat cells, they will start to break down and are subsequently flushed from the body over the course of the following weeks and months as the body works to eliminate the now-dead fat cells. This leads to long-lasting and noticeable results.


Most areas including the abdomen, love handles, upper arms, double chin, and inner thighs require a vacuum applicator cup that draws up fatty tissue and is cooled by dual cool-panels within the device.

The procedure targets, cools, and eliminates fat cells without causing damage to surrounding tissue. A non-invasive applicator is placed onto the targeted area and the fat is drawn up into the applicator between two cooling cool-panels by suction.

As the cooling starts, a feeling of pressure and cold follows. Each treatment usually takes between 35 – 45 minutes depending on the area being treated. During this process, the fat cells crystallize, break down, and are then naturally flushed from the body over the next few months. Cryolipolysis continues to be an excellent way to redefine your silhouette and one of our most popular treatments.



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