About Non-invasive mesotherapy

Non-invasive mesotherapy is a comprehensive alternative to traditional mesotherapy where an active substance is added to the subcutaneous tissue through several micro needle punctures, instead of injecting it.

What is non-invasive mesotherapy?

During non-invasive mesotherapy, active substances (different gel types) are inserted in the tissue using various methods.

  • laser technology
  • electric impulses
  • special meso modules
  • micro-needling (derma-pen, skin-pen, rollers and similar)

The client feels both fresh and relaxed because the blood circulation is stimulated and oxygen and nutrients have been transported to their cells. They literally feel like their energy levels have been restored.

With non-invasive mesotherapy applied to the body, you can expect:

  • improvements in subcutaneous microcirculation and metabolism
  • easier lymph flow and subsequent reduction of cellulite
  • increased fat loss (reduction of parts treated)
  • muscle toning and stimulation of collagen formation
  • significant skin firming
  • regeneration of tissue on stretch marks or scars
  • stimulation of hair growth and activation of passive hair follicles, as well as a stop to hair loss with no side effects

With non-invasive mesotherapy treatments of wrinkles and aging skin, you can expect:

  • increased production of collagen and elastin
  • hydration, toning and general skin revitalization
  • detox and protection against free radicals
  • even skin tone (for pigment spots)
  • fast and significant reduction of expression lines
  • clear reduction of bags under the eyes

 What are the benefits of non-invasive mesotherapy?

  • painless, comfortable and relaxing treatment
  • no limitations or requirements for special aftercare for the client
  • no bruises or other undesired marks from mesotherapy
  • skin heals without downtime; the client can use mineral make-up immediately after treatment

Treatment course?

Treatments are carried out with a break of 7-10 days in between, depending on the skin’s level of sensitivity. For faster results, two treatments a week can be performed (only for skin with a naturally fast healing process and where treatments are performed using the plastic meso module or electric impulses). Maintenance every 3-6 months with a simple treatment is preferred.

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