Skin Tag Removal


Skin tags (acrochordons) are commonly occurring, small and benign skin growths that can measure up to half an inch in length. They are usually the same colour as the skin or a bit darker. Skin tags are made of blood vessels and collagen fibres surrounded by skin and attached to the rest of the skin by a stalk. They mostly appear on the eyelids, neck, breast, armpits, stomach and groin, and are harmless. People are more prone to developing skin tags if they are obese, pregnant, elderly and/or diabetic. The exact reason behind skin tags is unknown but it is widely believed that friction between skin folds or skin and clothes can cause their growth.

Your doctor may offer you a number of treatment options if you want to remove your skin tags due to irritation or a cosmetic concern. These options include:

Cryotherapy in which the skin tag is frozen using liquid nitrogen

Cauterization in which the skin tag is burned using electric current

Removal of skin tags by scissors or other sharp tools

Your doctor may apply anaesthetic cream/injection to ease your pain in case the skin tag is large.​​

Neck (where necklaces or shirt collars touch neck)

Chest (particularly under the breasts of women)




Skin tags are harmless, but can sometimes become irritated from rubbing against clothing, jewelry, or other materials. Treatment is not necessary, but if removal is desired they can be treated in office. Skin tags are removed by cutting or burning them off.

Once removed, the skin tag does not usually regrow after it is removed, but new skin tags may form on other parts of the body.

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